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"How To Nail Your Confetti Shot"

The iconic photo in most people's wedding shot list! And when else are you going to be showered with confetti by your loved ones?

It's one of my favourites shots of the day and although it's over in a split second, it's such a special moment to capture.

wedding confetti portrait

Here's some of my top tips for getting that perfect shot:


In most cases this goes without saying, and your venue manager or wedding planner would have most likely arranged this with you already. The most common time is to do this right after the ceremony. Everyone is in one place and it's a lovely way to transition into your drinks reception.

*Check with your venue if they have a wet weather option if you're unable to do your confetti line outside.*


This could well be your wedding planner or venue manager, but having someone there to organise your guests and hand out confetti helps make it a stress free process. If your event staff are not able to do so, you can always assign the role to a Best Man or Maid of Honour before the day.


Halfway down or at the very end of your confetti line take a moment for a kiss, turn to each other or if you're feeling confident even a dip! This surrounded by confetti and your wedding party makes for a great shot.

large wedding group confetti photo


If you're able to do so, the more confetti the better! A couple of hand fulls per person normally does the trick.


If you're looking for something a bit different there's lots of fun alternatives you can incorporate into the traditional confetti shot. Sparklers, ribbons, bubbles- don't be afraid to think outside the box!

*Even if you decide to go with traditional petals, I would always recommend checking with your venue about what confetti they will allow on site*

bride and groom confetti photo


As the confetti flutters around you, milk the moment! Take your time and take it all in. Remember to smile (it'll be hard not to!) and don't be afraid to look around and at each other too.


Traditional confetti petals or dried flowers are light and should fall seamlessly around you. There's always the urge to throw it directly at the newlyweds, but throwing it up and over creates a much nicer effect. If someone can remind your guests this, even better!!

A confetti exit may just be a small part of your big day, but it's a tradition I still love and always provides special photos you'll love to look back on!

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