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"Do I Need An Engagement Photoshoot?"

'Engagement' or 'Couples Photoshoots' are becoming increasingly popular, and there's good reason why!

engagement rings photoshoot


First off, an engagement shoot is the easiest way to eliminate any anxiousness you may have in front of the camera. The best way to overcome your fear of something is to simply do it once, and there's a huge difference between taking a nice photo and having professional portraits taken. Pre-wedding photoshoots give you the chance to experience what it's like being photographed as a couple (something you may have never had before.) Then come the big day, you'll already feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera.


Meeting your photographer and seeing how they work means they're also a familiar face come your wedding day. You can talk through your preferences, discuss details of the wedding whilst at the same time capturing photos you'll cherish forever. Equally, it's the perfect opportunity for your photographer to get to know you as a couple too. It's likely they'll be with you for a good chunk of your wedding day. This is made all the easier when you're comfortable in each other's company and your photographer already understands your dynamic, personalities and preferences.

newly engaged couple photos


Couples sessions are also a great way to commemorate your engagement period. It's such a special and exciting time that can often get overlooked or even forgotten once you've tied the knot. It's a unique part of your journey as a couple, and a small but precious period of time out of what is hopefully a long adventure together.


In a practical sense engagement photos are perfect content for all sorts of different wedding materials. Not only for your Save The Date cards and Invitations, they're great for a wedding website and wedding decor too. I've seen so many creative applications of this- a timeline displayed of a couple's journey so far, a photographic guest book, or even wedding day newspapers with fun facts and antidotes.

couples photoshoot pre-wedding


It's worth remembering couples shoots don't have to adhere to a schedule as your wedding day portraits may do. There's no order of the day to stick to, no guests fighting for your attention. This gives you the opportunity to be creative and try different things. If you have a shared special location, you can drive there. If you want to include your furry friends but can't have dogs at your wedding, nows the time to bring them along. If you want to practice some posing ideas give it a go! An engagement shoot is a great time to experiment.

The aim of a couples shoot is primarily to have a fun and relaxing experience, but also create beautiful images that capture who you are as a couple. It also means the first time you're photographed together won't be on your wedding day, and you'll have a familiar face to guide you through your portraits. Although your wedding planning journey is personal to you and your partner, I would always highly recommend a pre-wedding photoshoot!

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