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"Don't Let Your Group Shots Take Over"

Your wedding day is the perfect occasion to have photos with your loved ones. I love capturing families and friends together on such a happy occasion, however I always strive to keep the process efficient and enjoyable for everyone.

bride and groom party photo

Here's some top tips to get the most out of your group photos:


A small bit of preparation beforehand will pay off on the big day. Included in all my pre wedding questionnaires is space to list your preferred group shots. If we both have a record of the groups you'd like included, it ensures we don't miss anyone during the excitement of the day. Talk it over as a couple and consider who you want included and why. Will you have guests attending that have travelled far and you don't see as often? Or a friendship group that are rarely ever together at one time? Remember they don't have to be restricted to family members only.

*As standard I always recommend keeping the list to a maximum of 10 groups as anything over this can eat into your time quite quickly. Don't be afraid to be selective and prioritise.*

wedding party group photo


We tend to shoot all the group photos at one time in one place. We can gather everyone that we need and work our way through the list. To aid this, it's always useful to have someone from your party on hand to liaise with. A best man, bridesmaid, maid of honour or someone who knows names and faces of your guests is ideal for helping gather the right people at the right time. If they are aware of their role and you're able to share their details with me before the day of the event- even better!


Consider what your venue is like and what they have in terms of space. If there's a beautiful location but it's a 10 minute walk away, maybe save that for your couples portraits instead. Especially if you want to include any elderly or less mobile guests, a spot that's accessible is important. It's also worth prepping for a wet weather option if you're unable to have photos taken outside.

large wedding party photo


If you'd like a large group photo of your whole wedding party, the best time to do this is just after the ceremony. During your canapés or cocktail hour, most people haven't started to venture too far! For example if you're planning a confetti exit, after this would be a great time to ask everyone to hang around and position themselves for a large group photo. (Just remember to include this on your list of preferred shots.)


Remember group photos don't have to be boring! If this isn't your style I'm all for a bit of creativity. There's so many examples of this online- anything from dancing, champagne sprays and paint flares can add a little bit extra to your formal photos.

fun bridesmaids and bride photo

Weddings days go faster than you think, and unless your group photos are a big priority for you (which they may well be) then we can work together to ensure you get all the shots you want, and still leave time for you to enjoy your blissful wedding day bubble.

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