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"Why You Should Get In Front Of The Camera With Your Little Ones!"

I'm sure like most you have an abundance of photos on your phone of your new addition to the family, and how often do you say “I’m always the one with the camera taking pictures in my family”.

Of course you'll be eager to get some beautiful portraits of your little one, but whether its a newborn photoshoot or 1st birthday cake smash, these are also the perfect opportunity to get in front of the camera.

Your children will only be this age once, and so will you! You may have chosen to have a family session for a particular occasion or time in your children's life. These moments are so fleeting and photos will help preserve them forever.

Enjoy some quality family time. It's unlikely you'll be having a family photoshoot every week so when the opportunity comes around, it creates some unique family time together. Consider it a day out! It's a moment to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and creating lasting memories in the process.

Your little one will absolutely love having you involved! There's so many practical reasons why getting involved in the photoshoot is so beneficial. It helps boost confidence and add an extra dimension to the photo session. Showing your children how it's done is the easiest way to help banish any nerves, and create authentic natural portraits at the same time.

Your children will want photos of you. It may feel like it right now, but when your children are grown and looking for photographs, it might be too late. Grab every opportunity you have now to get those portraits as a family. Things change, life gets in the way and let's face it, life is short. Your family history is important and you won't regret having photos to look back on in years to come.

Have your moment in the spotlight. Let's face it, parents usually prioritise themselves last. But it's important to remember you deserve to be in photos too! Not just for your children but for yourself. Having photos during these special moments commemorate the exciting journey of parenthood. You deserve to feel good and have some fun too. You are important as a parent but also a person.

It may appear a daunting thought but remember your family photoshoot should produce beautiful photos, but also a memorable experience too. You'll never regret having photos taken with your loved ones!

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