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"My Favourite Outdoor Location Spots For Family Photoshoots- Surrey"

There's something truly magical about outdoor photoshoots—they capture the essence of your family amidst the beauty of nature. If you're in Surrey, you're in luck! This county boasts some beautiful outdoor locations that serve as perfect backdrops for your family photos. Here’s a few of my favourite outdoor spots for family photoshoots in Surrey.

family photography surrey locations

Farnham Park

As a Farnham resident you may call me bias, but it’s for good reason! Farnham Park is a picturesque location that offers a variety of stunning settings for family photoshoots. It boasts a vast expanse of greenery dotted with majestic trees, as well as rolling hills, meandering pathways, and open grasslands. The panoramic views contrast with the more intimate avenue of trees which are both located within a few steps of one another. There truly is endless opportunity to utilise Farnham Park as a  charming backdrop for precious family moments. 

Blackheath Common- Guildford

This expansive heathland offers a rugged yet enchanting setting for your family photoshoot. With its open spaces, golden grasses, and winding pathways, there’s ample options for capturing candid moments and playful interactions. Similarly to Farnham Park, Blackheath Common gives you the variety to explore more secluded spots nestled amidst nature, as well as sweeping heathlands and viewpoints.  

Virginia Water Lake

Virginia Water Lake is situated in Windsor Great Park and is another popular destination for families and couples. Featuring serene lakes, cascading waterfalls, and lush woodlands, it makes another dreamy photoshoot setting. You have ample opportunities to stroll along the water’s edge, explore the picturesque bridges and towering trees, as well as famous landmarks such as ‘The Cascade” waterfall and Roman Ruins. 

Outdoor family photoshoots offer a perfect blend of natural beauty, spontaneity, and connection that guarantees relaxed and authentic portraits. The freedom of the outdoors also allows for adventure and play with these unscripted moments often resulting in some of the most memorable and cherished photos from the session. Although these are my top 3 favourite spots in my local area, there really is endless opportunity when it comes to photographing outside!

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