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"Why You Need A Professional Headshot"

A professional headshot is standard across so many industry's and professions, and can often be your first introduction to the world. Put simply a headshot should represent yourself and your business/ brand. It can also be a key factor in standing out in a crowd and an indication of who you are and what you do.

professional studio headshot


Headshot photos are often your first introduction to employers, colleagues & potential clients, and you never get a second chance to make a great first impression. It's also what can get you noticed. The easiest way to differentiate from others is by utilising what no one else has. And there's no one quite like yourself.


Your headshot should showcase you and your unique personality. Working with a professional photographer means not only you get high quality polished results, but you can tailor your headshot to suit your style and align with your business/brand. It humanises you and portrays a sense of professionalism, but also shows how personable you are. You invest the time in your written profile and CV- why not top it off with a great headshot?

corporate studio headshot


Seeing a face behind a name helps build immediate trust with customers and clients. A strong visual will always be more engaging and memorable, helping strangers feel a sense of familiarity with you, even if they've never met you in person. Having an up to date headshot strengthens your networking skills, putting your face in the front of peoples minds.


Employees need a headshot as much as the CEO. Coordinating headshots on your company website unifies your brand & creates a consistent visual identity. Headshots enable clients to put a recognisable face to a name whilst helping employees to feel valued members of your team.


Having a headshot or even a collection of portraits on hand can serve so many contexts in the online and real world. This includes your website and social media platforms such as LinkedIn, as well as print media such as business cards, leaflets and flyers. It also means that you have a portrait ready for things such as guests appearances at conferences, events, blogs, podcasts etc.. the list goes on.

professional headshot on location

Headshot styles may seem like a minefield but at the end of the day your headshot is a powerful marketing tool. An investment in a professional headshot is an investment in you.

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