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"What Is A Dance Portfolio Photoshoot?"

Dance portfolio images alongside your showreel are the perfect way to show your serious about your career, as well as show off you skills and talent for potential bookers and agents. As a performer you are pitching yourself as the product. A creative portfolio of full length, dance shots and a headshot make up your key marketing materials for a variety of contexts.


Our professional studio can be set up at your own dance school premises or venue local to you. We use professional grade equipment (including lighting and backdrops) to capture high impact dance photos, as well as full length portraits and a headshot to match. Your session time is yours to use and we can capture a variety of genres during this time. All the high resolution digital photos are included in your photoshoot fee, meaning you come away with a strong selection of photos for your portfolio. It is a collaborative process and we work together to get the most out of your session, focusing in on your personality as a performer and highlighting your top skills and ability.


A main difference between a standard dance school studio shoot and a portfolio photoshoot is that you get dedicated 1-1 time in front of the camera. We constantly review images with you and your team to fine tune that final shot. We focus on quality and detail rather than quantity, (anything less than a great image in your portfolio will weaken the impact.) Similar to our headshot sessions, our aim is showcase your character, your 'look', and how you want to be represented in the industry.


As well as stunning action shots, our portfolio sessions also include a professional headshot. Arguably one of the most important tools in your arsenal, a strong headshot ensures you stand out from the crowd as a memorable candidate. Your audition may start when you walk into the room, but your headshot is what can get you through the door.

An investment in your photographic portfolio is an investment in yourself and your future. Strong portraits showcasing your ability and character service so many contexts and help introduce you to the world of performing.

Get in touch to find out more about our Dance Portfolio Photoshoots:

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