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"How To Prepare For Your Headshot Shoot"

A good headshot should be you on your best day. And there's no harm in a bit of preparation to help your session be a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Here's some top tips on how to prepare for your headshot shoot...


Think about what colours compliment your colouring (eyes/hair/skin). Earthy colours often work on the majority of people- if in doubt, keep it neutral and natural. Black is great but bring a range of colours too. Think about avoiding busy patterns and large logos as these can be distracting.

Your clothing should also fit you well and be flattering to your shape. Anything oversized may be too overpowering and come across unflattering on camera. Consider a variety of necklines to show off your upper body. A V-neck for example, off the shoulder or high neck. Think about your own personal style and what you know suits your shape.

Subtle textures also work well to add something extra to your headshots. Think about things such as lace, velvet silk etc. Perhaps rather than focusing on patterns, swop this for details instead. A subtle seam or hem, collars or buttons. Having a simple detail on a neutral coloured top can make all the difference.

Don't forget jackets can change a style completely- consider leather and denim as well as blazers for a more formal look.


If you're not using a professional hair stylist, there's lots you can do with your own hair to compliment your headshots.

I'll always advise you to avoid cutting or dying your hair drastically before a shoot- unless this is a touch up or permanent look. If you have a fringe, make sure it isn't too long and covering your eyes. When it comes to styling your hair, stick to styles you wear often and are comfortable with, especially if you are doing your own hair. This can include wearing it down as well as up, straight as well as curly. (If you wish to switch it up during your shoot, I recommend booking a Premier session to allow time for the changes.)

Although you'll want your hair to look neat and polished, it also needs to appear as fresh and natural as possible. Too much product in your hair will show up on camera and can even change the appearance of it's texture and colour. Everyone's hair is different and you'll know your own hair better than anyone. Consider when you will wash it too. Freshly washed hair may appear a little limp, however leave it too long and it may be a little flat.

For men think about facial hair. Stick to how usually wear it, and know the general appearance of your skin. If you're prone to redness or bleeding, perhaps freshly shaving the morning of your shoot is not the best idea!


You headshot needs to look like you at the end of the day. Dramatic or heavy make up has it's place, however in general you want to look authentic, showing off your natural features. Especially if make up is not something you generally experiment with.

Keep it light, most people like to have a neutral base, cover blemishes, tidy up eyebrows and add a little to the eyes. False lashes, even those on the more natural side can overpower your eyes and even distort their shape. We always have the option to build up your make up throughout the shoot if needs be.

*Unless you are a pro, fake tan can be a bit hit and miss. I would always advise avoiding tan if possible to avoid your skin becoming patchy and textured.

A professional make up artist is not essential but worth considering if you're unsure. Just remember unless arranged before hand, you will need to arrive to your session ready for camera with hair and make up complete.


Book your session that's convenient for you and realistic for your own diary. Will you be coming back from a holiday with the chance of jet lag or sunburn before your shoot? Or are you planning to cut or colour your hair in the near future? Not only do you want to be fresh and ready for your session but your photos should last longer than few months. For instance don't have your headshots done the week before you get your braces taken off!

Your headshots are an investment in yourself. Preparing for your session also includes your mindset. Booking a shoot when you're feeling rested, confident and excited will create much more engaging photos.

All things considered your headshots need to be a true representation of yourself. There's no benefit in pretending to be someone your not in front of the camera. It's about fine tuning the small things to present yourself authentically and compellingly.

Find out more about our headshot packages here.

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