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"What Do I Wear For My Family Photoshoot?"

You've booked your shoot date, now it's time to raid the wardrobe...

family portrait on location

Whether you've chosen a location, studio or at home photoshoot, there's a few things to consider when picking outfits. Here's some of my top tips for all occasions:

-Wear something you're comfortable in and fits you properly. This will only make you feel more relaxed and confident in front of the camera.

-Co-ordinate. You don't need to be a fashion stylist but it's always good to consider what colours work together between all of you. This doesn't have to mean you match each other perfectly, but a similar colour palette or complimentary colours always work. If you're unsure go for neutrals.

-Avoid patterns that are too busy or large logos that can be distracting. Photos are timeless- trending fashion pieces may not be! The focus should always be you and your family, if in doubt, the simpler the better. Think block colours and texture rather than complicated patterns.

-Try it on before hand! It may sound silly but trying on your outfits individually and together will help you visualise what your photos may look like. It will also ensure sure you all feel comfortable in what you're wearing.

-Stick to your own personal style. Your photos represent you and your unique family. By all means take inspiration from what you see online, but always be yourself!


autumn family photoshoot

-Bear in mind the unpredictable English weather. This can mean coats, hats, suncream, umbrellas, sunglasses etc. It's better to be prepared than not and unfortunately we can't always rely on the forecast.

-Consider the season. In Autumn we see warm earthy tones in the browning leaves, Summer brings sunshine and brighter colours. Think about what tones may compliment your surroundings. Equally consider accessories that may add a little extra to your photos. For example summer hats, winter knit hats, sunglasses or even matching coats!

-Sensible footwear. We often walk between location spots during your session to make the most of the natural environment, so comfortable shoes are always a bonus.


-The beauty of the studio is the element of control- especially when it comes to weather. If we're shooting in the depths of winter but you want to wear your favourite sundress- the studio is the place to do it!

-Equally being in the studio gives you more flexibility to change outfits if you wish to. I would say 2 or 3 is plenty to have on hand. If you have a theme in mind for your photoshoot, the studio is a great place to bring props and accessories too. This can be anything from Christmas jumpers, to birthday party hats.

-My studio uses a mixture of natural and soft artificial light, with white backdrops. A blank canvas some would say! White on white can be tricky, but also super effective when broken up with other tones. A mixture of neutral tones give a timeless look and really compliment the studio setting.

-At some point you're more than likely be sitting down when shooting in the studio so comfortability is key.

The best way to approach your family photoshoot is by feeling relaxed and confident. Prepping something like your clothing choices beforehand may save some last minute stress on the morning of your session! If you're still unsure of what would work best, feel free to drop me a message before your shoot.

To find out more about booking a family photoshoot, get in touch:

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