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"Top Tips For A Successful Dance Costume Shoot"

Studio shoots are the perfect compliment to your performance and it's so special capturing excited dancers in their costumes after what is likely to have been weeks of planning and rehearsing! However whether you're a school of 30 or 300, it can seem like a daunting task..

dancer portrait in the studio

From my experience (in front and behind the camera!) here's some of my top tips:


You can never be over organised. This can be a schedule for the day, time slots for certain routines or simply staggered timings for dancers arrivals. Contemplating photographing 100 or so dancers can seem intimidating but broken down into sections makes it much easier to manage.

In the same way, costumes, hair and makeup is definitely something you can prep beforehand. Give your dancers a checklist of things to bring, or if you've got the costumes on site, having them arranged in order will save time and a headache on the day.


As much as I will guide students when it's their time to shine, it's always great to have a couple of poses or positions in the bank. Students can help each other with this, take inspiration from their routine and also more importantly have a physical warm up before their photo.

dance portfolio photoshoot


You want spectacular shots of your students, showing off their best tricks or skills. And yes this is 100% achievable but it's also important to remember every dancer has different strengths. I'm always open to creativity but if it's not working out, we can mix it up. If they've never attempted something before, it's probably not the best (or safest) place to try it in front of the camera! Sometimes it's best to go back to basics.


This might sound a little harsh and of course there are of course exceptions. However a calm and collected studio space works better for everyone. Too many people in the space can be a little distracting and overwhelming for everyone.


We may be working to a schedule but we can always factor in time for sibling photos. These are a so special for parents and worth capturing when you can.

dancers photographed in the studio

There's no denying costume shoots are a magical way to commemorate a show and give pupils and parents some lovely keepsakes to look back on in years to come. The primary aim will always to have an enjoyable experience as well as coming away feeling proud of your photos and your students.

For more information on booking a studio shoot, drop me an email:

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