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"5 Secrets For a Successful Family Photoshoot"

A family photoshoot is a special way to capture memories and have photos you will cherish forever. The concept may be entirely new to you, and preparing for your shoot may seem a little scary, but here's some top tips to help you feel confident and comfortable on the day of your session.


There's a few small things to consider before the day that will help you feel more relaxed come your photoshoot. If you are heading outdoors, be prepared for the weather (bring along umbrellas, suncream, hats etc). Try on your outfits before they day and ensure they are comfortable and fit you properly. You know your kids better than anyone- consider bringing their favourite snack or favourite toy if you feel this would be beneficial.

Autumn family photoshoot


I am a strong advocate for the natural approach to photography. You do you and it's your photographers job to capture those special moments. Don't feel like you're restricted to stand in a certain way, or look a certain way. If you want to move and walk do it! Focus on your loved ones, look at each other as well as the camera. Capturing these relationships are all a part of it.


It's always great to approach a family shoot with an open mind. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to get that perfect shot you've seen on instagram. It's important to trust your photographer, a split second is all it takes to get that magical shot. You may not even recall the moment that turns out to be your favourite photo.

family group studio photoshoot


There is only so much you can control on the day of your photoshoot. But remember your photographer has the experience to work in a multitude of different situations. There may be rain, spillages, dirty knees and even the odd tantrum. The best thing to do when it feels like things aren't going how you expected, is to breathe, relax and make light of the situation. Moods can change in an instant and you'll be surprised how things can turn around.


Most of all remember to have fun! The primary goal of a family photoshoot is to have an enjoyable experience, as well as having precious photographs to look back on. Happiness looks good on everyone and sore cheeks by the end of your session is a good sign! Your photographer will likely be snapping away throughout the session so keep smiling, laughing and enjoy the family time together.

fun family photoshoot

Ultimately a family photo session is your chance to have some fun with your loved ones, with the added bonus of coming away with some beautiful portraits. Don't forget to communicate with your photographer and embrace the experience!

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